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Whether you're part of the banking, healthcare, insurance, legal, title, or any other industry, we understand your unique requirements. Although the documents and records are different by industry niche – ranging from policy and claim information to encrypted/ H.I.P.A.A. compliant records and films – what you’re really concerned about, is how we “take care of”, and deliver that information to you. We treat your documents with the same care, accuracy and pride that you provide to your customers, patients and/or clients.

Fundamentally, as a records management and document storage service supplier, our core business is the storage and retrieval of business records and vital business documentation. For this we must be able to supply secure, environmentally controlled facilities where our clients records and documents can be kept safe and easily accessible. In addition to this we must be able to find, retrieve and deliver existing documents and pickup, index and put away new and old records. We employ a sophisticated bar-coded tracking system, logical location systems and the latest bar-coded tracking and scanning equipment that allows us to track document and records from inception to destruction. Our internal tracking and scanning also means that we hold a detailed history of each box, file, tape and document so that we can see not only it’s history, but also it’s progress throughout our system.